Are You Passionate About Shredz Gym As We Are?



The SHREDZ GYM ambassador program offers a fantastic opportunity to become a part of a fast-evolving and innovative gym facility and brand. We embrace those at every level of their fitness journey, with a shared passion for the fitness lifestyle, and their community. We’re looking for loyal brand ambassadors who share our passion for the fitness way of life, and are driven by self-improvement.


As a SHREDZ GYM ambassador you will be part of a tight knit community who supports, motivates, and empowers you and others to help reach their goals and surpass them. You will promote SHREDZ GYM through your social media, community platforms, and featured events. You will also be expected to provide pictures and/or videos of you wearing our official SHREDZ GYM gear and working out in our facility. We want all our ambassadors to be actively involved in the community, sharing motivation with our growing and like-minded team.

Requirements Overview:

  1. Post at least one picture/videos every week working out at SHREDZ GYM or wearing SHREDZ GYM gear. You must tag Shredz Gym in any picture, video, or post that has any involvement with our facility, gear, or event.
  2. Include links to our website / social media and share our message to your fans and followers; including your exclusive discount code which can only be shared directly from ambassadors.
  3. Remain positive and motivated, sharing your health and fitness inspirations to your audience. Please note title as brand ambassador and all benefits associated with will be revoked if SHREDZ GYM and their staff feel as if they cannot maintain a positive relationship, or if SHREDZ GYM and their staff feel as if they are reflected in a negative way. 
  4. Be involved with gym promotions, new products, supplements, and tanning specials while making suggestions based on personal experience and feedback you have received.


In return for your support we will do everything we can to support your development and progression. Whether that be in competitions, transformations, races, etc.  If we post your pictures and/or videos on our main social media platforms, we will always provide a link back to you.

  • Ambassadors will receive a free unlimited SHREDZ GYM membership. We encourage you to come in and take pictures, film, and interact with our members.
  • You will also be able to attend any of our HIIT classes for 50% off.
  • You will receive your own special discount code FOR YOUR USE ONLY. This will provide a special discount for any purchases you personally make at SHREDZ GYM. This code is for use by ambassadors only and must not be given out.
  • You will also be provided with another discount code for use by your family, friends, and fans which will give a 10% discount on any gym membership or HIIT class purchase.
  • Ambassadors have the chance to attend special SHREDZ GYM events such as photoshoots / promotional days / filming and benefit from receiving some high quality content from our professional team which you are welcome to use yourselves.
  • If you compete in any competition SHREDZ GYM will pay for the full amount of your entry fee, 1 free team SHREDZ jersey, and if needed 1 free competition tan. 
  • The more we grow the more we intend to give back to our ambassadors for their hard work.


We chose our ambassadors based on their enthusiasm and level of activity both on and off-line. Whilst writing, photography and social media skills are important; the most important element needed to be a SHREDZ GYM ambassador is involvement, passion, and the ability to empower others. 

To be considered for the SHREDZ GYM ambassadorship, please complete the form below:

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    We will carefully evaluate all applications. If we find you have the potential for being a part of our SHREDZ GYM team, we will be in touch. THANK YOU!